Future Scribers!

We’re really excited to be introducing Future Scribers – a live scribing traineeship for three deaf, disabled and neurodivergent illustrators, led by Touretteshero and Amber Anderson.

A black line digital drawing on a white background by illustrator and live scribe Amber Anderson of the Future Scribers logo. The logo reads Future Scribers. The word Future is hand drawn in a bold capitalised comic book style. The word scribers is hand drawn in a cursive script. To the right of the text there is a drawing of a pen having drawn a smooth squiggle underneath.

What is live scribing?
Live scribing is a method of visual notetaking, often used during events or meetings. If you’ve ever attended a Touretteshero event, there’s a good chance you’ve seen live scribing in action already!

A photograph of illustrator and live scribe Amber Anderson. Amber is a white woman in her thirties with long red hair. She is wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and is holding a marker pen in her right hand, drawing on a large upright whiteboard.

Not only is live scribing a great skill to have, it’s also a powerful way to improve the accessibility of events. Future Scribers will support disabled creatives to develop their live scribing practice.

People applying for Future Scribers should:
• Identify as Deaf, disabled, chronically ill and/or neurodivergent
• Be passionate about art, design, visual communication and inclusion
• Have drawing skills or illustration experience
• Have experience working creatively with other people
• Be able to travel to London* (If it’s safe to do so, please get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further)
• Be based in the UK

Future Scribers will take place between Monday 20th September and Friday 1st of October 2021 from 10am – 6pm (weekdays only).

During the traineeship you will:
• Develop unique speed drawing and lettering techniques
• Learn about how to visually represent emotions, movements and metaphors
• Live scribe videos of different lengths
• Give and receive feedback

Each trainee will receive:
• A £300 participation fee
• A £300 travel and food budget (if the sessions take place in person)
• An access budget as required
• A live scribe starter pack – including pens, paper and other materials

To express your interest, please fill out this form. Alternatively, you can contact Katie at solidarity@touretteshero.com or on 07903 224 323. Please provide a brief statement about what interests you about Future Scribers, along with your name and contact information. Katie will then provide you with the full application information.

You must make an expression of interest by 6pm on Thursday, 29th July 2021.

* We’re hoping to offer this traineeship in person, but due to the ongoing pandemic, it may need to take place online. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

An easy read version of this information is available here.

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