There’s More Than One Touretteshero!

Over the last few years my iPad has enabled me to draw in a way that I thought my arm tics had made impossible. I find drawing really absorbing and relaxing and am now scribbling away on my iPad all the time.

Recently I’ve been learning about wall stickers as I was making some on a jungle-themed for Bean’s bedroom to go with her bed cover.

And this gave me an idea!…

I’m very excited to tell you about the four different ‘There’s more than one Touretteshero’ wall stickers we’ve made in solidarity with everyone who tics. I drew these on my iPad and they share the message that we’re all part of a powerful, creative community.

Four colourful wall stickers created digital by Jess Thom, the four different designs of wall sticker all say 'There's more than one Touretteshero' and use the Touretteshero logo as their starting point. In the top right corner the logo is blue with a rainbow arc. The Top right has large colourful rainbow spots. The bottom left design has spots too but these are in pink's and blues. The bottom right sticker has rainbow text and a regular pattern of dots across the imageThe stickers are colourful and removable and are available to buy in the Touretteshero shop now.

If you don’t want a sticker but do want to support our work, please consider making a donation, and if you have ideas for other Touretteshero products you’d like to see, do drop us a line and let us know.

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