Toilet Smug

In London we’ve been back in lockdown since just before Christmas – not that it’s made much difference to me because I’ve been shielding since last March!

The latest lockdown, combined with Brexit, has meant some of my essentials have once again been in short supply. But while little has changed for me in terms of going out, there is one big difference here on the spaceship

It’s my new accessible bathroom – not only does this mean washing myself is no longer an extreme sport and that I can brush my teeth at a sensible height, it also means I don’t have to worry about something that’s on most other people’s mind right now – toilet roll.

A photograph of part of Touretteshero's newly renovated accessible wet-room bathroom. The walls are tiled in large rectangular slate-grey tiles. These are laid horizontally floor to ceiling. White shower curtains are pulled open to either side of it’s right angled rail. A shower chair sits in the corner sits next to the shower unit and showerhead. Below it is a grab rail with many multi coloured shower gels hanging from the rail. A sink hole can be seen beneath the shower chair whiA wash and dry geberit toilet is in the left foreground of the image with a grab rail to it's right.

The new toilet has a super-fancy wash-dry feature that does exactly what the name suggests at the touch of a button.

A couple of years ago when my occupational therapist (OT) encouraged me to have this installed to future-proof the spaceship against my changing circumstances, I had no idea how timely this would be.

I thought the OT was worried about my tics changing, but maybe he was in fact visionary, and foresaw the toilet roll crisis!

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