Constellations of Love

At the end of last week, during a what’s app hang out with Fat Sister, Bean and King Russell, there was a lovely exchange that got me thinking – and making.

Bean asked if my support worker Claire was my mummy! I said she wasn’t but explained that she did help me with things, a bit like her mummy did for her. I explained that my mum is her grandma and that Fat Sister is my sister.

Bean was a bit anxious about whether her mum could be her mummy and my sister at the same time. We reassured her and reminded her of previous similar conversations. My sister went on to explain that love was like invisible strings between people and that there was an invisible string between Bean and me, as well as between me and Fat Sister. You can’t see these strings but they’re there even when we’re apart.

I liked this explanation of love and family connection, so I made a drawing for Bean showing some of the important links in her life. Because everything feels like a journey through outer space at the moment I did each person as their own star.

A digital drawing with a dark blue deep space background scattered with colourful stars of different sizes at the centre is a star with a drawing of a small child - Bean and from this are colourful lines connecting to other stars that include Touretteshero, Grandparents and cousins. This drawing is a way of explaining family connections to three-year old Bean.
As well as doing the drawing for Bean I also made a template so that anyone who wants to can make their own drawing of their Constellations of Love.

A black on white blank template for people to create their own constellations of love. At the centre is a spiky star and stars of other sizes surround it. These are blank so they can be drawn on and connected together.

You can download this template here.

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