All That Light

I’ve written a lot about the view from my bedroom window. Yesterday evening at dusk I rolled into my room to grab something but I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful sight.

The sky was huge with the fading sun spreading across the building. I was lost for words, but my tics certainly weren’t.

“Oh remarkable sky glowing with the dreams of a million trees.”
“Sky, are you an abstract impressionist or a post modern bucket?”
“Sky, I’m going to paint you naked.”

I had my iPad on my lap so I started to paint (I kept my clothes on though).

I was on the phone to Leftwing Idiot while I was drawing and so not consciously concentrating on what I was making.

A digital painting of a view through my window. At the top is the sky made up of sweeping blues, greys and purples. At the centre is a block of flats lit up with warm sunshine yellow and flashes of bright white and dark blue. Swirls of green indicate trees to the left and right of the image and in the foreground six tiny, brightly-coloured animals sit on the window ledge.

By the end of the call the drawing was done and dusk had given way to darkness. I was so pleased that I’d come into my room at just the right moment to catch this incredible sight, and that I had my iPad on my lap at the time. I quite literally got to see an old view in a new light.

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