Glowing Up and Down

I have an unusual and fluctuating relationship with the lamp-post I can see from my bedroom window.

I scold, nag and insult it on most nights.
But I also invite it into my bed when it’s cold.

I deride all lamp-posts at every opportunity.
But I also refer to the one outside as my lamp-post.

I try to block out the lamp-post in any way I can.
Except that I don’t move my bed, which is deliberately placed so I’m facing it.

I close my bedroom blind at night but the orange glow of the lamp-post is still visible in the gap between the blind and the window sill. I find this light strangely comforting. But if it starts annoying me I’ve got a new way of dealing with it: I just move my bed up or down until I can no longer see it.

This isn’t the main reason I have an electric bed, but it is a happy extra.

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