Push Button Baby

Fat Sister, King Russell and Bean popped in earlier. I had my Telecare pendant on because of a brief gap in my support. The pendant was round my neck and I’d totally forgotten it was there. Bean greeted me enthusiastically, jumping up into my arms and onto my lap. A second later she’d pressed the big red button!

Panic spread across Fat Sister’s face, and when the machine started to speak, reverberating round the room, it was Bean’s turn to be shocked, and she clung to me tightly.

I quickly reassured both of them – King Russell remaining totally un-phased. I explained to Bean what was happening. And the machine did the same:

Machine: “Do not worry, your smart telephone is dialling for assistance, do not be alarmed.”

TH: In a minute you’ll hear a buzzing noise, which is the dial-up tone.

Machine: Loud dial-up noise (like the early internet.)

TH: In a moment someone will speak out loud through the speaker and then we’ll tell them we’re ok and it was just an accident.

Machine: “Mrs Touretteshero, are you ok?” (They always call me ‘Mrs’ though I’m not married).

TH: We’re all good thank you.

It was sorted quickly, and it’s always good to give the equipment an occasional test. I was stunned by how quickly Bean had noticed pressed the button, and that’s saying something given my own poor impulse control.

I’m curious as to whether this experience will make Bean wary of the button, or more interested in pressing it again. My guess is that we’ll find out soon.

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