From Spine To Sky - Via The Lamp-Post

I studied drawing at art college and really got into mapping the world around me in various ways. I was particularly interested in how objects, people and spaces connect.

I’ve been in a lot of pain today so I’ve stayed in bed and taken it very easy.

While I was sitting on my commode chair waiting for my wee to come out I decided to do some drawing to pass the time. It’s been sunny so my window was open and a gentle breeze danced around my body.

A few months ago I did a drawing from my pain to the edges of the room. I decided to use the same idea of starting with my pain and drawing outwards. This time, though, my commode was at the centre as well as my pain.

I then mapped out a path from my pain to the sky – via the lamp-post.

With the third drawing, rather than thinking about things that were physically touching each other, I decided to draw the connections between my pain and the objects that offer relief from it. This pain pathway is from my brain to my bedroom light bulb.

Drawing is something I find relaxing despite how frustrating my arm tics can make it.

I ended my day feeling content and more comfortable than when I’d started it.

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