Cannon Beach

The last few days have been busy– preparing for and preforming my stand-up show here in Portland, and running a children’s event yesterday. Today was a day off, and as the weather was beautiful, Leftwing Idiot, Lily and I decided to head to the coast.

Our hotel’s right by Portland’s train and bus station so we jumped on a coach first thing and travelled the hour and a half to a beautiful area called Cannon Beach.

After buying some bagels and drinks for a picnic we headed towards the expanse of ocean. We stopped in at Cannon Beach’s City Hall on the off chance that one of their beach wheelchairs would be available. We were in luck and I temporarily traded my sleek chair for an amazing big-wheeled machine.

We had such a lovely day, soaking up the sun, relaxing, and taking in the glorious location. Cannon Beach has a huge eye-catching rock that’s home that’s a nesting site for puffins.

After a day on the beach we returned the chair, had a delicious meal in the evening sun and then headed back to Portland – happy, relaxed and embarrassingly sunburnt.

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