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I’ve been in Milton Keynes today for a meeting: Leftwing Idiot, Will, Lily and I travelled there by train. Even though it’s only a short journey I transferred out of my wheelchair and onto a seat to be a bit more comfortable. Because the train was full, Lily sat in my wheelchair.

Half way through the journey the ticket inspector came to check where we were getting off so he could make sure the ramp was ready at the station. He directed all his questions to me and I answered them without a second thought.

After he’d left Will asked “Do you think he spoke to you and not to Lily because he knew you were the actual wheelchair user, or because he spoke to the person providing support rather than the disabled person?”

Will’s question fascinated me, and I’ve no idea what the answer is.

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  1. Dave says:

    Or… your m.. face is becoming more than a bit recognised perhaps?
    Quite possible after your TV time?
    "Hey, guess who I had on my train today"
    I wonder.

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