New Order At The Castle

What’s the best way to manage jet lag? Turn’s out that epic re-arranging of furniture’s what works best for me.

We landed back in the UK this morning following an overnight flight from New York where we’ve been for the last few days.

Exhausted, Leftwing Idiot, Lily and I piled back in to the castle and flopped down in front of the TV for several hours. We all agreed that the trick to minimising our jet lag was to stay awake and go to bed at the normal time.

After a few hours Leftwing Idiot and Lily headed home, and Bovie came to hang out with me for the evening. At this point I got a strange burst of energy and began to sort out a few things at the castle.

It started off small scale – just emptying my bags and putting a wash on. But it quickly progressed to moving beds about and re-locating chairs. I needed more hazard-free space to move around and work. Bovie helped me achieve this with loads of patience and care.

Three hours later the place is almost unrecognisable. Everything’s in a new place and I’m very happy with the new order.

I’ve collapsed into my newly located bed and am looking forward to a very sound sleep.

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