The University Of The Castle

It’s half term this week. When I worked at Oasis, a busy children’s play organisation in Stockwell, the school holidays were always our busiest period. Now that Leftwing Idiot and I work full time for Touretteshero, the pattern’s changed slightly and we’re a bit more in control of how intensively we work.

Last week we were really busy with our new show and while I enjoyed it a lot it was also exhausting. I’m mindful at the moment of not overdoing it and of pacing myself.

Leftwing Idiot’s away this week volunteering on a camp for children and young people, which means we have fewer meetings than usual. So I’ve declared this ‘Reading Week’.

Because I went to an art college I never really understood the concept of ‘reading week’, but now it makes total sense. I have loads of material that relates to the new show that I’ve been meaning to read for ages but have struggled to find the time for.
This week I’ve been making time, and not just for reading but for some writing and blogging too. My support worker Fran, who’s been with me since Monday, joked that we were at ‘The University of the Castle’.

My tics quickly got on board with that idea and suggested a number of classes:

“Ratatouille impersonation.”

“Suffragette sea shanties in A minor.”

“Alan Hanson’s hamsters’ literary impression class.”

And after a hard day of lessons what better way to relax than an evening of socialising with other students in the:

“The Squirrel Kissers’ Union – it’s like the Students’ Union but with squirrels”

I’ll let you know when we’re open for new enrolments.

I’m really enjoying our reading week and it’s re-taught me an important lesson – taking control and making adjustments to meet what I need is powerful and transformative.

I could easily have kept working at the usual pace, rushing to get to the end of a never-ending list. Taking a different approach has helped me feel healthier and more productive.

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