An Emotional Announcement

A week ago Leftwing Idiot and I had a conversation that I know we’d both been dreading, one that had been hanging over us for several months but which suddenly took on a new urgency as we rolled into February. It wasn’t a conversation with each other – it was with our boss at the children’s organisation where we both work.

It was an emotional meeting which we’d set up so we could share the news that we’d be leaving the organisation in the next couple of months to focus on Touretteshero and the increasingly demanding schedule that’s coming our way.

Today we told the rest of the team. It’s both an exciting and sad decision. I love my job deeply and feel incredibly attached to my colleagues and the children we work with, as does Leftwing Idiot. But we also love our work with Touretteshero, and in the last few years managing both roles has grown increasingly difficult. Both Leftwing Idiot and I have effectively been doing two full time jobs, and this isn’t sustainable.

With our UK tour looming, and one in the USA following shortly afterwards, this decision was made more out of necessity than choice. But it’s one I’m hopeful will lead to even more exciting opportunities and mean we can continue to grow and develop in brilliant ways.

Neither of us is leaving completely and we plan to continue to support the organisation in a number of ways, but after six very happy years it’s definitely going to be a big change.

In late January 2010 I wrote a short blog post about the preparations I was making for starting my new job. I described one of the first conversations I had with my boss during which I asked her if she was ready for Tourettes. She confidently said ‘Yes, it’s not a problem.’ And at no point have I ever felt that it has. I’ve always had her unwavering support, even through some of the most difficult moments of my life and journey with Tourettes. For this I will always be grateful.

Today marked the beginning of the transition and it’s one I feel lucky to be making. But I also feel extremely lucky to have worked within such an amazing organisation and to have experienced such strong and supportive leadership.

I’m sure I’ll return to this subject over the coming weeks and I know there are more emotional moments to come, but for the moment, to everyone at work, my heartfelt thanks for your support, your company and your friendship.

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