A Towel In Time Saves Spine

Over the last year or so I’ve been having issues with recurring pain in my lower back and pelvis. At times it’s made sitting in my wheelchair really uncomfortable.

This morning I got a call to tell me that an appointment to see a physiotherapist at my local hospital had come up in the afternoon. This was brilliant timing because I was really struggling with the pain.

The physio was wonderful. She listened to me carefully before examining my back and hips, massaging my muscles in the process.

One thing she suggested, which already seems to be helping, is padding out the back of my wheelchair with towels. This pushes my body into a slightly different position and provides additional support.

We’re heading off on tour with Backstage In Biscuit Land next week so I’m relieved to have spoken to someone before all the travelling begins.

We’re going to be in New York next week and then in Canada for a week after that, if you’re in Vancouver look out for us at PuSh Festival.

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