Friendship, Bands and Fields

It’s that magical time of year when several fields near Market Harborough become awash with colour, creativity, music, laughter and friendship. And I’ve got my fingers crossed that they won’t be awash with rain.

It’s Shambala Festival, one of my favourite events of the summer. This morning the Touretteshero van set off packed with tents, costumes, wheelchairs, glitter and lovely people. As we pulled away from the castle, Innes, one of the four support workers who’ll be helping over the weekend, asked ‘What album shall we listen to on the way?’

My tics jumped in with several suggestions:

“The Leatherettes”
“Stone Masons and Snowmen”
“The Candle Canckle Bingo Bums”
“Epiglottis Revolution”
“Nanny’s Cancer”

I don’t imagine any of these bands will be playing Shambala but I know a lot of others are, including Sister Sledge, Hot 8 Brass Band and Beans on Toast.

I’ll be playing too, with Captain Hotknives at the Social Club. This year we’ll be joined by amazing clarinettist Mimi O’Malley. Mimi was with us four years ago when Captain Hotknives and I first met. This will be our first time playing together since then.

I’m really excited about our big reunion concert, and about being out of London amongst so many people I love.

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