Custom Hamster Bottle

A few minutes before our show opened this afternoon I realised in a sudden panic that I’d left my water bottle back at the hotel. It can get hot under the stage lights and I always like to have water to hand.

There were loads of bottles of water in the dressing room but none of these had sports caps, the type that makes it much easier for me to drink from without spilling.

Rachel came to the rescue by creating a spill-free bottle, using a straw and a pair of scissors. I looked at it with admiration and immense relief. Chopin looked at it and said, ‘Hamster bottle!’


To be fair it does look a lot like what you might see hanging in a hamster’s cage. But it did the trick perfectly and meant I could go on stage safe in the knowledge that I could stay hydrated and keep my clothes dry at the same time.

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