Geranium Audit

I got back to the castle yesterday to a lovely surprise – the geranium was flowering.

And mine isn’t the only one – I’ve heard rumour of other geraniums in bud. So I’ve decided it’s time to check in on the many off-shoots of Leftwing Idiot’s original that are now scattered amongst friends and family across the country.

So here they are, in age order:

Old GOld G

Little GLittle G

Royal GRoyal G

WR GeraniumW&R Geranium


It’s obviously not a competition but please do feel free to leave comments about which geranium would win ‘Best in Show’ for you.

All these were cuttings from the very first one, given to Leftwing Idiot by Annie the Wolf many years ago. But a completely new generation has now arrived as well.

So let me introduce Leftwing Idiot’s Baby G, the very first geranium grown from seed from the original.

Baby GBaby G

We’re all very proud of the new baby.

2 responses to Geranium Audit

  1. jojojones73 says:

    If there’s another one could you call it Allie G?

  2. jojojones73 says:

    Royal G also wins best in show

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