A Lamp-Post Away From Home

Late last night we got back to our hotel after an amazing performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land in Norwich, our biggest audience to date. I was seriously tired but happy too. Innes helped me get to bed and I fell asleep quickly.

A few hours later I woke up having a ‘ticcing fit’. I pressed my emergency buzzer and Innes came in quickly to help me. During the fit I noticed a distant glow outside the window, perfectly framed by a crack in the curtains. As soon as I got my speech back my tics picked up on a familiar theme:

“Lamp-post, I can see you.”
“Woolly-lighted Lamp-post.”
“There’s more love in a single lamp-post than in a sermon about semen.”

Innes laughed and pointed out how lucky it was that the curtain and the lamp-post were perfectly aligned.

It felt comforting to be far from home but still having a lamp-post to chat to.