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2015 Mapped Out

At midnight tonight the fifth year of Touretteshero will draw to a close. Back at the very start of 2015, when we launched our birthday survey, I promised that during the year we’d celebrate our anniversary. But it’s been … read more

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Undignified, Unnecessary and Unequal - A Crawl To Action

I’m usually favourably disposed towards the Royal Mail, but right now I’m feeling very cross with them, and here’s why:

I live on the ground floor of the castle where there are eight flats in all. We have an intercom … read more

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My friend Anna, her sister Christina, and her daughter Neva, who’s just over a year old, came to visit this afternoon. They’d brought some toys with them including one that was a bit like a marble run – but instead … read more

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Extreme Hairdressing

I wrote recently about my increasing sensitivity to touch. While I’ve always been sensitive to particular textures and types of touch, over the last few months this has intensified considerably.

Earlier today I had a haircut. My hairdresser Ravi’s … read more

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Santa’s Wonder Biscuit Land (Of Sheep)

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m full of excitement. This is partly because I’ve got three days of relaxing and eating ahead of me, and partly because it’s time to share another festive video with you.

Tic-driven Christmas messages have become … read more

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Here’s To Laughing

A few weeks ago someone from The Guardian got in touch asking if I’d be up for making a video for them. They’d seen my interview on Russell Howard and thought I might have an interesting perspective to share.

While … read more

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A Christmas Angel

The last few months have been very busy, what with our run of shows at the Barbican and Soho Theatres, and taking part in Live From Television Centre.

All of this means we’ve left recording our annual Christmas … read more

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Guillotining My Way To Christmas

As we speed towards Christmas I spent yesterday doing some last minute present shopping. Now that’s all pretty much finished I’ve turned my attention to wrapping. There are two elements of present wrapping that my tics make particularly challenging: cutting … read more

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Kevin Keegan Armpit Pyjama Party

At Touretteshero, right from the outset, we took the decision to focus exclusively on my tics and not invite contributions from other people for the website. We did this to make sure each tic was authentic and not simply made … read more

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Winter Wonderland

The children’s play project I work for operates throughout the year, with the two weeks over Christmas being the only long period when we’re closed. This break allows all the staff to have a proper rest. But before we could … read more

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