Extreme Hairdressing

I wrote recently about my increasing sensitivity to touch. While I’ve always been sensitive to particular textures and types of touch, over the last few months this has intensified considerably.

Earlier today I had a haircut. My hairdresser Ravi’s been cutting my hair for years and is very familiar with the added challenge that my tics present. I didn’t give my new sensitivity a thought as I sat on a chair in the kitchen at the castle this afternoon, ready for my trim. But soon it was clear that this cut would be even more challenging (for both of us) than it had ever been before.

The moment Ravi touched my head I started squirming erratically. I quickly put her in the picture about my increased sensitivity and she totally understood. She adjusted her approach, touching me as firmly as possible and giving me advance warning each time she moved to a new bit of my head.

These tactics meant we both made it through this extra wriggly extreme hairdressing challenge unscathed.

Thanks Ravi for another excellent haircut.

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