An All Fours Household

When I was in my room earlier, Bunny, who’d stayed over last night, made a passing reference to my ‘weird leg mirror’.

It took me a minute understand, but as soon as I did it made me laugh.

I’ve got a large mirror that leans up against the wall in my room. It’s at the perfect height and angle for kneeling in front of, but for anyone who stands up and walks around, all they see is legs.

Bunny’s comment got me thinking about other things in my flat that are set up for people who crawl. For example, the cups and plates all live in the bottom cupboard in the kitchen, the TV remotes are left on the floor in the living-room and my toiletries are all lined up underneath the bathroom basin.

Bunny giggled as I listed all this and I was curious to know whether she thought my house disabled her. ‘Well’, she said with a grin ‘there’s a lot of bending down.’

Adapting my environment to meet my needs means I’m safer and more independent. I hadn’t realised until today that it also gets ‘standing people’ to notice and experience an environment that’s not automatically geared up to suit them.

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