No Flap Cat Suit

In exactly one month’s time I’m going to be giving one of the most challenging performances of my life.

On November 15th we’ll be one of five companies taking part in Live From Television Centre, a night curated by the Battersea Arts Centre on BBC 4, celebrating live performance and independent theatre.

I’ll be doing a ‘Broadcast From Biscuit Land’ and it’ll be going out live!

I’ve been thinking about my outfit. After five years, many heroic missions, and a fair few festivals, my super suit is far from TV-ready. But thanks to Poppy and Charlie a new one is already in production and I had my first fitting this evening.

If you’re wondering about the feline decorations, this won’t be a permanent feature. Writing ‘I love cats’ across my chest was one of many instructions my tics issued during the fitting. Others included – “Pass me the scissors” and “Put in a penis flap”. Fortunately Poppy only followed one.

2 responses to No Flap Cat Suit

  1. louiseongumtree says:

    Love it Love it Love it!!!! AND you have to have a tail. I love tails.

  2. IngyW says:

    I hope this is okay to say, but it popped into my head as I read the reply.
    Can you imagine the tics that a tail would perform? It would bring a whole new dimension to your stage show!

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