I Eat My Peas With…. Finesse

Yesterday was National Poetry Day. The second poem I ever learnt by heart was about peas:

‘I eat my peas with honey;
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
But it keeps them on the knife.’

Prompted by a delicious dinner of veggie burger, avocado salad and peas I celebrated with this poem.

While peas may be delicious and poetic, they’re not an accessible vegetable. Realising this Olive, who’d cooked the meal, thoughtfully put them in a cup rather than on my plate to give me a fighting chance.

Even so, my motor tics ensured that the pea-to-mouth ratio was low. But then I had a brainwave – I put the avocado in the cup and mixed it up with the peas. The result was delicious and easy for to eat, with the sticky avocado keeping the peas on the spoon – no honey needed!

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  1. IngyW says:

    I might try this!

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