Called Out On Cats

I’m saying, “I love cats” a lot at the moment – I mean a ridiculous amount. Every few minutes I announce my adoration of felines, and it’s driving me crazy.

The thing is if I’m honest, I’m not that fussed about cats. I definitely don’t hate them, and I’ve known some good ones. I’ve even enjoyed the occasional humorous cat video too.

However, if it were down to me I wouldn’t be declaring my devotion to them out loud all day. But that’s not how Tourettes works.

My friends, family and support workers all know my feelings towards cats. And this morning Veronica who helps me get washed and ready for work called me on it, several times. Each time I said, “I love cats” she challenged me with “Liar!” or “Lies!” or “Fibber!”

This really tickled me, and that’s the honest truth.

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