Jez We Did

For the first time in a long time I feel optimistic about a political event. A thoughtful, principled politician, who, as an MP, has worked tirelessly for social justice for over three decades, has just been announced as the new leader of the Labour Party. And my tics obviously had plenty to say about it:

“Jez we can kick David Cameron in the bum.”
“Jez we can build a compassionate society without cats, fat cats or swimming hats.”
“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Jeremy Corbyn riding to victory on a seagull!”
“Jeremy Corbyn, more exciting than a fox playing the piano on a microwave.”
“Jeremy Corbyn, your future is on me.”
“The name Jeremy has been rescued from the darkside.”

Congratulations to Jeremy and his team – what a brilliant day.

But as journalist Owen Jones wrote this afternoon:

Have no doubt. If this was an incredible political achievement, it was the easy bit. The challenges now faced by a Corbyn-led Labour party are absolutely huge. Those who have been inspired by his message must do more than just vote for him.” He continued, “If you backed him, you now have a responsibility. Get active, build a movement in your own community and start organising to win over those who are unconvinced. Without those efforts, this will fail. So, no pressure.

There’s too much at stake to fail, so let’s get building.

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  1. IngyW says:

    We were preparing for a wedding when we heard the news. It was a Quaker wedding, and those of us helping out had just finished a 10-minute Meeting for Worship, when a text came through – we all cheered and carried this positive energy into the wedding!

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