Goodbyes at The Garden

This evening I sat in the Nature Garden at work surrounded by colleagues, the large green canopy protecting us from gentle drizzle and the barbecue smoking away nearby, loaded with delicious food.

It felt perfect except for one thing. We were saying goodbye to Nathalie. She’s moving on to both a new job and a new city. We’ve worked together for about four years and I’m really going to miss her.

As we were all chatting she said, “I’m going to miss the amazing interjections of Tourettes.” She added, “It’s going to be strange working without “biscuits”, “hedgehogs” and “cats”.” My colleague JP chipped in, “And fuck a sheep”, and “Alan”.”

It was lovely hearing my colleagues talk about my tics with such warmth. In general, most people thinking about Tourettes at work would probably single out the challenges rather than what tics can add.

It was a great evening, in a beautiful place, with lovely people.

Good luck Nathalie, and if it gets a bit too quiet you can always add your own biscuits!

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