Lottie Fortnight

I mentioned my search for a new support worker a couple of weeks ago. I’m looking for someone to help me at work on a full-time basis. Until now this has been done by a team of different people all working different days.

I’ve been worrying about how it’ll feel to have the same person all week. There are definitely loads of pros, like not having to manage a complex schedule or keep explaining what I’m working on.

But the nature of the relationship I have with my support worker is absolutely key. Will being together every day put too much pressure on this? I know that finding the right person will be vital, but even with the perfect match, what will working closely with one person feel like?

I’ve got a chance to put this to the test over the next two weeks. Lottie, who’s been supporting me on and off since Christmas, is going to do Monday to Friday for the next fortnight.

We got off to a flying start today, striding through jobs as well as enjoying each other’s company.

I’m excited to see how the next couple of weeks unfold and, most importantly, how it feels for both of us.

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