“MPs, PM or Carpe Diem? Choose.”

My tics love offering choices, so much that there’s a whole category dedicated to ‘choose’ tics.

My favourites include:

“Bass or space? Choose.”
“Geometric paperweights or roundhouses? Choose.”
“Beef or eyelashes? Choose.”
“Acrylic nails or TV sales? Choose.”
“Dogs in wolves clothing or sheep in a gale? Choose.”

Some choices take a more political turn:

“Electoral reform or bears? Choose.”
“MPs’ expenses scandal, or mince? Choose.”
“Duncan Goodhew or Iain Duncan Smith? Choose.”

In a few days’ time we’ll all have the chance to make a choice about who we want to represent us in Parliament.

I’ve used this blog many times to encourage you to write to your MP. Now I’m using it encourage you to choose who that MP is. I very much hope that angry, sad, or fearful letters to MPs will be a less frequent prospect if as a country we choose a different government on Thursday.

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