Coming Clean

OK, so yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly “biscuit” accurate. In fact is was a straightforward April Fool, which I hope you all enjoyed. Most of the time my tics are one step ahead of me when it comes to pranks and false claims. For example, during a ‘ticcing fit’ yesterday they urgently announced that “Naughty Lord Byron is under the sofa massaging himself with a rope from an ancient curtain.” – clearly a fib and one I couldn’t possibly match for creativity.

So it felt nice yesterday to be a bit mischievous myself for a change, and to toy with the idea of life without biscuits! That playful streak’s certain to be there again tonight when I take to the stage once more with Captain Hotknives.

We’ll be getting up to all sorts of comedy capers with Zoe Lyons, Lloyd Langford and Eric Lampaert at the Purcell Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. There’s still time to grab some last minute tickets here.

And I solemnly swear – there will be biscuits!

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