The Spirit of Achievement

In a couple of week’s time we’ll be switching on our Idea Amplifier, a workshop at Camden Roundhouse for young creatives with Tourettes.

The event’s being funded through Unlimited Impact in partnership with the Spirit of 2012 Trust. Together they’re building on the successes of the London 2012 Paralympic Games by supporting projects that challenge people’s perceptions of disability, promote wellbeing, and bring people together.

They’ve recently launched the Spirit of Achievement Arts and Culture Challenge Fund. They’re looking for projects that’ll enable disabled people from all backgrounds to participate in arts and cultural activities, both individually and with their families and friends.

It’s great to see a fund that recognises the value of inclusion and is willing to support activities for both disabled and non-disabled people. All too often the importance of being inclusive is overlooked, with funders interested in one specific group only. I know how critical creativity can be for improving wellbeing and sparking change in attitudes, so I’m looking forward to hearing about the sort of project this fund will be supporting.

It’s open now and information about how to apply is here.

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