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I’m A…

A few days ago I woke in the early hours of the morning having a ‘ticcing fit’. Poppy was doing my overnight support and quickly came to help me.

After five minutes or so my speech returned, or … read more

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Annual Sadness

Yesterday the clocks went forward. Tomorrow is the first day of our Easter playscheme at work, and today the sky is blue. But so am I. I woke up feeling sad, and this feeling’s grown throughout the day. This afternoon … read more

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Idea Amplifier - Day Two

There was no delay in getting started on day two of Idea Amplifier – everyone arrived early (despite the clocks changing), eager to start.

We’d all been reflecting on four questions overnight, so our first job this morning was to … read more

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Idea Amplifier - Day One

I was awake early this morning, feeling excited but also a bit nervous. I quickly got myself ready and then along with Leftwing Idiot and my support worker Lottie, jumped into a cab and headed for the Roundhouse in Camden, … read more

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Power Switch

My tics and I are both big fans of unpredictable outcomes. I like them because I enjoy doing creative activities where anything can happen, and my tics like them because unpredictable is what they do best.

We’re about to put … read more

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Days of the Sheep

I often talk about how much laughter my tics generate. But today was exceptional and saw Leftwing Idiot, Will, and me bent over in agony from too much cracking up.

We were on our way to lunch and Leftwing Idiot … read more

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Handy Cats

I’ve written before about the importance of language in relation to disability, particularly about out-dated words that still sometimes crop up – words like ‘handicapped.’

But today my tics put a new spin on this unpleasant term:

“Am I … read more

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Carbon Fibre v Tourettes

Carbon fibre may be five times stronger than steel, but it’s no match for tics!

Last night my much-loved wheelchair suffered a shocking break. I was out at a pub for my friend Lottie’s birthday and chatting to some friends. … read more

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Instructions Of A Testicular Nature

The other night as I got ready for bed my vocal tics were distracted from their usual focus. The lamp-post I normally chat to as part of my bedtime routine was let off the hook for a change, to be … read more

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Cambridge’s Annual Disability Lecture

I woke up this morning happy, relaxed, and quite tired. I’d got back to the castle very late last night having spent the evening in Cambridge. I was there because I’d been invited to give the 12th Annual Disability Lectureread more

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