Merry Boofmas

I’ve written before about my obsession with the logo of a popular three-striped sports brand. For no clear reason I get a lot of pleasure from touching the trefoil with three fingers and saying ‘Boof’, or even better, touching two together to achieve a ‘Double boof’.

I enjoy this so much it became the theme of my birthday party a few years ago. At its root are my obsessive tendencies but it’s something I can take or leave, and it’s funny rather than intrusive.

This love of ‘boofing’ is very familiar to my friends, and Poppy’s just given me the ultimate festive accessory, turning this Christmas into a very happy ‘Boofmas’ with a single gift. Well, it’s actually four – four amazing, glittery, ‘boof’-shaped Christmas-tree decorations!

Huge thanks to Poppy and a merry ‘Boofmas’ to you all.

Festive Outburst

“It’s raining cats and Christmas.”

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