My friend Zoë’s been one of my support workers for over two years. We know each other really well and I feel happy and safe when I’m with her. I often affectionately call her ‘Zo-bags’ and earlier today this name took on a new meaning.

I was zooming along in my wheelchair with Zoë pushing when I suddenly ticced, throwing my head back so hard it hit Zoë in the chest.

My vocal tics responded to this immediately with:

“Zo-bags, they’re like airbags but Zoë’s tits.”

Now that my tics are aware of Zoë’s additional safety features, they seem to be getting a lot more use. Thankfully Zoë seems unfazed by either my head banging or my involuntary cries of “Activate the tit-bags!”

Festive Outburst

“Put a sparkly sash on Christmas.”

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