And the Winner Is….

At the beginning of last month we launched a competition to find the most popular of my tics. I’ve already got some established favourites myself like, “Replace every chimney in London with a penguin” and “I love it when a bear comes together.” But I’ve always wondered which ones other people like most.

Fortunately, the wait to find out is over – the votes have been counted, and the ‘official’ top 5 most popular tics have been identified… (insert your own drum roll, tense pause and audible intake of breath here.)

And they are as follows:

1. With 17 votes, “God loves you, except when you’re a cunt.”

2. With 14 votes, “God’s moving to Watford on Sunday.”
And in equal 2nd place, also with 14 votes, “Derren Brown is in the room, shut your mind.”

3. With 13 votes, “God says “I didn’t teach you that shit.””

4. With 12 votes it’s, “Totally adjustable legs.”

5. And with 11 votes it’s, “Rubber ducks at dawn.”
and “Guy Fawkes in my pants. Bang.”

Congratulations to my ‘God’ tics for their dominant presence in the chart. I have a soft spot these tics because they were the first I responded to creatively. I made a series of photographs of church banners but replacing the original slogans with my tics.

In celebration of its divine popularity we’re going to make this image available (on request) as a limited edition print. Please contact us for more information if you’re interested.

I’m also delighted to announce the winner of the exclusive Touretteshero t-shirt, for the person who voted the most – 394 times to be precise. Congratulations to: Tiredted! Your epic voting efforts clinched the prize. We’ll be in touch very soon so we can get your t-shirt in the post.

To everyone who voted, thank you very much and even though the competition’s over please do carry on voting, there are over 6,000 to choose from!

Festive Outburst

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, biscuits all the way.”

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