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Twelve Months Strong

I’ve just re-read the post I wrote on New Year’s Eve exactly a year ago and it reminded me what a decidedly rocky start I’d had to 2014. On Boxing Day last year the muscles in my hands unexpectedly and … read more

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Hello Scotland, Hello Skye, Hello Saws

We arrived in Scotland as the sun was setting. The snowy mountains we could see from the plane were mesmerising, with pools of bright light on seemingly untouched snow contrasting with patches of dark dense forest. From above, paths cutting … read more

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To The Skies

Zoë and I are heading for the skies today. Quite literally, and in two ways: first, we’re about to go and get on a plane, and secondly, we’re off to the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Hebrides.

We’ll be … read more

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“Merry Christmas Living Organisms.”

It’s Christmas morning at the castle. There’s a cheerful clattering coming from the kitchen and a sizzling sound as Fat Sister makes bacon sandwiches. And I can hear the rustle of King Russell packing Christmas presents into bags, ready to … read more

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Don’t Pray for Me

My jaw had become locked open and my body was twisted by spasms in my muscles. I was at home, on the sofa, cushions and padding everywhere, with a carer in the same room. I should’ve been feeling safe but … read more

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A Satisfying Sight

I’ve finished work for a bit and at last I’ve got time to attend to all those little jobs that’ve been building up over the last few weeks.

I’ve done a load of filing, pumped up the tyres on my … read more

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That’s The Spirit!

As we speed ever closer to Christmas there’s festive spirit all over the place – something my tics have picked up on in their typically bizarre way. They’ve started going on about spirit levels!

Yep, as in the tool that … read more

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Father Christmas Sit In

Today was our last day at work before Christmas so we had a party for the children. There was ‘Crimbo-limbo’, an amazing festive feast, music and lots of games. There was even an incredible Grotto. But there was one thing … read more

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Merry Boofmas

I’ve written before about my obsession with the logo of a popular three-striped sports brand. For no clear reason I get a lot of pleasure from touching the trefoil with three fingers and saying ‘Boof’, or even better, touching two … read more

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My friend Zoë’s been one of my support workers for over two years. We know each other really well and I feel happy and safe when I’m with her. I often affectionately call her ‘Zo-bags’ and earlier today this name … read more

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