Just as Important?

Last week I wrote about the new swimming routine Zoë and I have established. Yesterday we were doing lengths in the big pool and as usual, and as agreed with the lifeguard, I was swimming up and down the pool edge rather than following the normal anti-clockwise pattern.

This is a reasonable adjustment the pool have made for me for quite a while. It means that if I need to grab the side I can, or if I have a ‘ticcing fit’ Zoë can keep me safe and get me to the edge quickly.

A new swimmer came in and after a couple of minutes she started signalling to the lifeguard. I could tell by her gesturing that she was complaining about me, and as I got near them I could hear the lifeguard explaining why I was swimming like that. I could also hear that she was not happy with his explanation.

I stopped and apologised for not letting her know myself as I’d done with the other swimmers already in the water. I explained that I needed to be close to the edge in case I had a seizure. She was unmoved and grumpily retorted that she wanted to do backstroke which was just as important. I invited her to go ahead of me so she could do just that, but she didn’t take up my offer and moved to the edge muttering to herself.

Zoë and I continued our swim and the lifeguard made sure we knew that we had his support. After a little while, lengths done, we moved next door to the hydrotherapy pool to relax, out of the way of the surly swimmer.

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