The Rubbish Idea Dream

I’ve written about dreams quite a bit recently, and I wrote last month about a new Inclusive Technology Prize I’m helping to judge that’s looking for enabling innovations for disabled people. The other day these two things merged in a dream I had about coming up with new inventions to submit for the Prize. There were two key problems though. First, all the ideas in my dream were rubbish, and second, none solved any of the challenges I face as a disabled person.

I can’t remember all the details of the ideas I dreamt up but I do recall that one was an app to help you shop, and another was a Sellotape dispenser on wheels. I don’t think the world’s crying out for either of these.

So what are the areas of my life that new products could improve? Here are just a few things that spring to mind.

I’d love:

• To have more time for leisure and spend less time organising and managing my support needs
• To spend more time on my own but still be safe, especially when I’m out and about
• To be able to shave my own legs
• To be able to turn up at stations and get on a train without having to book assistance in advance
• To be able to use every station on the London Underground
• To be able to get my own cash out of a dispenser without fear of ticcing my pin number out loud
• To be more active and to know how active I’m being
• A speech-to-text system that filters out biscuits!

Hopefully lots of people will come up with much better ideas than the ones in my dream. If you have a wish that needs a solution, or an idea for a product that meets a need, make sure you visit the Inclusive Technology Prize website and find out how to get involved.

I can’t wait to see what other people have dreamt up.

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