The Season of The Booby Trapped Pavements

I imagine you’ve noticed that it’s autumn by now. As I’ve said a few times recently it’s a season I like, but there’s one element of it that I don’t enjoy – the bumps.

Bumpiness is probably not the most obvious characteristic of autumn for most people, but as a wheelchair user I definitely notice an upsurge in unexpected jolts.

Leaves that are main culprit – not the crispy, rust coloured things themselves, but the lumps, bumps and holes in the pavements they cover up.

I’m very familiar with the poor state of London’s pavements and usually I scan ahead for any upcoming hazards. Holes and cracks are the worst because my wheelchair’s small front wheels get stuck in them, flinging me forward often with alarming force. But the leaf-strewn ground’s making these much harder to spot, and the result is a very bumpy couple of months.

Soon the trees will’ve finished their annual striptease and I’ll be looking forward to a smoother, of colder, ride again.

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