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“Nothing Says Christmas Like Biscuits In Hats.”

We’re speeding towards the end of November so Christmas is just around the corner. The festive period’s been on my mind a lot recently because we’ve been working flat out to get this year’s Touretteshero Christmas card printed and ready … read more

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Bullying - Take Action

This week is Anti-bullying Week so it was very timely that an email popped up from Touretteshero supporter Courtney, proposing a guest blog about bullying. I’m going to hand over to Courtney now so she can share her thoughts and … read more

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Mystery Brick

Will and I were on our way back to the castle after getting some food this evening when, just a couple of minutes from home, he suddenly stopped pushing my chair and started pacing up and down, staring intently at … read more

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On The Buses

London’s a huge city with an enormous amount to enjoy and do, and for me, as for many others, working here also means I often have to travel to meetings all over the place as well. We have an impressive … read more


Two Become One

It’s almost a year since I started getting help with my personal care every morning. Ana’s been my most regular carer since then and I’ve written before about how firmly established our routine has become.

In fact it’s become … read more

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Looking After Mum

On Wednesday night BBC1 broadcast a documentary called Looking After Mum. It was a Children In Need special they were showing ahead of the big annual appeal, which happens tonight.

The programme followed four young carers – Antonia-Rae, Kashanna, … read more

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Just as Important?

Last week I wrote about the new swimming routine Zoë and I have established. Yesterday we were doing lengths in the big pool and as usual, and as agreed with the lifeguard, I was swimming up and down the pool … read more

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Six Steps To Inclusion

Leftwing Idiot and I were supposed to give a talk about the importance of inclusion and accessibility this morning but something got in the way – six steps up to the conference room!

I’ve had problems in this building before … read more

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The Story Begins

My wheelchair seat is covered in fake snow. The tiny flakes have got stuck in the holes of the breathable upholstery, giving it a strange speckled effect.

This isn’t a new fashion-statement – it’s a side effect of filming this … read more

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The Thumb War is Over!

I’ve made no secret of how geeky I’ve become about wheelchairs, so it won’t surprise you to know I’ve just had a new feature added to mine – not that many people will notice.

See if you can spot the … read more

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