Aubergine Sky

A year ago I wrote a blog post about the changing seasons and how my tics, addressing the large swaying, sea-like trees outside my bedroom window had helped me notice how the seasons were changing in a way I might otherwise have missed.

This post became a feature in our show Backstage In Biscuit Land, which means I’m very familiar with it. Tonight, as I lay in bed, I decided to check on the familiar view, curious to see if the trees were waving and if anything else would catch the attention of my tics.

As soon as I opened the blind to look my tics shouted:

“Hello aubergine sky.”
“Trees, say thank you to the light – it’s making you look thinner.”
“Sky, are you auditioning for Rain Man?”
“Sky, your light is more mysterious than Harry Potter in a closet, holding a biro.”
“Night, night, air – you look better in blue.”

And with that I pulled down the blind, accused my mattress of being passive aggressive, and turned my attention to sleep.

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