End of the World, End of a Dream, Start of a Fit.

I had a very odd experience the other night when a dream and a ‘ticcing fit’ became intertwined. This has happened before but on this occasion it was particularly strange.

After the fit had finished I made a quick note on my phone about the dream and what had happened after I woke up. I was keen to share it all with Will because we’d talked about dreams quite a bit recently, and he’d experienced sleep paralysis for the first time the other night.

Here’s what I managed to get down in my sleepy state:

I’m in a building that moves between being a museum and a space ship. I’m with a few other people, we’re in a race against time, the place is filling up with water.

We know we’re facing the end of the world but loads of other people around us don’t. They are waiting patiently at glass doors as we move past them. We also pass a room with dancing Thatcher Spitting Image puppets.

We found the thing that’s been at the centre of the world, we give it to someone, he say’s ‘It’s just a picture of you lot’. The world is about to end and I’m locked into someone else, waltzing through corridors.

The world ends. I’m awake but my body is still doing sleep breathing. I establish that I’m definitely awake and not experiencing sleep paralysis. But neither am I able to move properly; my body is slow and heavy but feels light and tickly when I try and move. It’s unco-ordinated and twisty. I’m making a repetitive ‘Hey’ noise; I realise I can’t speak and that I’m having a fit.

Fran who was providing my overnight support heard me and came in to help. While I was still fitting I remember having a strong feeling that I could move sideways into being asleep again. When it was over, I made these notes and went back to sleep.

The whole thing was pretty surreal, and there’s really not much more to say.

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