Don’t Forget The Video

As I mentioned in my post the other day there’s no doubt it’s now autumn, but for this post I’m scrolling back six months from October, to April – April 12th, to be precise. It’s a date that’s sharply etched on my memory, partly because something amazing happened on that day, and partly because it was a day for which we’d been preparing for a very long time

It was the day of ‘We Forgot The Lot’, when over three hundred people with and without Tourettes came together to take over and transform Tate Britain. Now, exactly six months on, I’m very pleased to announce that the video made on the day is ready for everyone to enjoy.

It was an extraordinary day and, as I’m sure you’ll have gathered from the video, the Gallery was well and truly transformed. Please do share this video with anyone you think would enjoy it. I very much hope it helps demonstrate the amazing things that can happen when you make creative spaces and opportunities accessible and inclusive.

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