Pinch Punch, First of The Month

The traditional way to start a new month is with a pinch and a punch. I certainly upheld the pinching part during a ‘ticcing fit’ I had earlier today. It was while I was in a meeting with Leftwing Idiot, Jolie, and Jess Mabel Jones (AKA Chopin) about BIBL.

Fran, who was supporting me, and Leftwing Idiot lowered me safely to the floor and protected my head and they each took hold of one of my hands. These had locked into an unusually straight position. I could move them but not in a way I could control, and they were opening and closing in a menacing pinching motion.

This didn’t escape the attention of Chopin and Leftwing Idiot who, on seeing my pincers, saw the potential for a new and mischievous game.

Leftwing Idiot started directing the pinching hand he was holding towards different things that were near me. Chopin took the game to a new level by putting one of her tits within reach and it duly got squeezed. This made us all laugh, although mine was silent laughter because I’d lost my speech and most of the movement in my face.

Several other things got pinched, including Chopin’s bum, Fran’s t-shirt and Leftwing Idiot’s arm hair.

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  1. Mandyque says:

    heh, looking for the like button but I shall post a ‘titter’ instead 😀

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