Toilet Tumble

I spent yesterday afternoon with my friends Laura and Hannah and their kids, at Hannah’s house. It was a lovely relaxed afternoon and it was great to catch up.

But it ended with an unexpected bang. Just before I left I went to the loo. Hannah’s got a toilet downstairs which is great for me, and it’s quite small which is normally helpful too because it means that in the absence of a grab-rail I can use the walls to help me keep my balance.

This time though something went wrong. As I moved myself onto the toilet I reached out my left hand to the wall for balance, but I suddenly ticced and my arm wasn’t there any more. The next thing I knew my head was crashing against the doorframe. It really hurt and gave me a nasty shock and an instant headache.

But after a short time I was largely fine again. But it was a useful reminder that however familiar and well-practiced something is (getting onto the toilet, for example) I can’t afford to be blasé or lose focus. Even predictable activities can become unpredictable. I’m only ever one tic away from a head injury.

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  1. Mandyque says:

    oh eck, glad you’re ok x

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