Our Last Show

This afternoon Chopin and I took to the stage in the Pleasance Above for our last show at the Fringe. It’d sold out so the venue was packed. It was an even more joyous show than usual and I could feel the energy and enthusiasm of the audience.

I was particularly pleased that my lift buddy, security guard Gaz, got to see it. He’s escorted me up to nearly every performance so it was great that he could finally see what it was all about this afternoon.

At the end the audience got to their feet and gave us a standing ovation. I soaked up the atmosphere, trying hard to lock the moment into my memory.

Afterwards I felt elated to have ended with such a strong performance. I’d expected to feel gloomy about the end of our run, and although I’m a little sad to be leaving Edinburgh tomorrow I’m mainly feeling pleased with how well things have gone and how warmly we’ve been welcomed.

The last few weeks have been ones I’ll always remember. I very much hope that rather than being the end of BIBL, the Fringe will be the start of a bigger journey. But first on the agenda will be a much needed break.

I’ll certainly be leaving Edinburgh with a deepened love of theatre and a much broader experience of it.

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  1. louiseongumtree says:

    I really do hope you remember these shows and how well they were received. We certainly enjoyed seeing you and the warmth in the room (the vibe, not the heat) was easy to feel. I hope you savour the moments and remember how much enjoyment and fun you brought. People will also be talking about BIBL for a long time to come and I hope you find the Festival is just the beginning. 😀

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