New Shops

We’ve been in East London for the last couple of days working on #BIBL with the amazing Graeae Theatre Company, and it’s been incredibly useful.

When we went out for lunch we noticed the increasing number of shops that do or sell more than one thing. For example, ‘Bikes, Beer and Pizza’, or ‘Hairdresser, Cake and Nail Bar.’

Naturally, my tics instantly started making suggestions for new shopping combos of their own:

“Butcher, candelabra, hat shop”
“Diner, laundry, pet shop”
“Pottery, bar and tanning shop”
“Books, balloons and bathrooms”
“Toys, teeth and delicatessen”

I can’t vouch for the soundness of any of these retail opportunities but if you want to give them a go, be my guest. Let me know if you make your fortune.

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