The Laminatathon

Poppy and I have just finished working on one of the final props for Backstage In Biscuit Land. It’s final as in one of the last to be made, and final as in one of the last that appears on stage.

I don’t want to give too much away but we’ve spent the evening gluing, cutting and laminating. OK, I didn’t do any of the cutting, but I did do some spray-mounting and a lot of laminating!

I was glad I could help with this task because it’s something I knew I’d enjoy. Before my arm-tics made using a craft knife unthinkable I did quite a few big creative projects that involved cutting stuff out. Tonight Poppy kept a firm hold on the knife, but I did loads of the other bits with only a tiny bit of glue going where it shouldn’t.

You’ll have to come to Edinburgh if you want to see the results. The show opens next Wednesday!

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