A New Palace

Fat Sister and King Russell have been living with me at the castle for the last few weeks – they’ve been between houses. Soon they’ll be moving to a place really close to me. In fact it’s so close you can see the castle from what will be their bedroom window.

It’s taken longer than expected for all the paperwork to go through and it’s been a nail-biting process. But I’m pleased to announce they collected the keys for their new palace today.

Leftwing Idiot, Will and I went and looked round earlier and it’s great. There’s quite a bit of work to do before they can move in so I’ll have my houseguests for a bit longer. But I don’t mind that at all – it’s been nice living with them again.

They’d deliberately looked for somewhere close to me so they were near enough to help me in an emergency if I needed it. Their last place was a twenty minute walk away – now they’ll be about twenty seconds away. I’m hoping this will mean I can be on my own a little more with them on call and really close by. Another plus is that the new royal residence is pretty accessible, unlike their last place, which was up eight sets of stairs!

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