Goal Post

I want to start with an apology, and it’s to all sports fans: I’m sorry, I haven’t made a single mention of the World Cup since it started twenty-one days ago.

For everyone else, I’m sure you’ve been quite relieved that this blog hasn’t been bursting with loads of football-related comment.

When I was considerably less wobbly than I am now I used to play football a bit, but it’s never been a game I’ve been particularly knowledgeable about. But as a person with Tourettes I’m bound to know about USA and Everton goalkeeper, Tim Howard, who shares the same neurodiversity as me.

This morning I got a call from a journalist at the BBC who was putting together an article about Tim and his lightning-fast reflexes that he attributes to Tourettes. As soon as I started telling Leftwing Idiot about this at lunchtime he picked up a handful of crisps and started throwing them at me one by one to test my hand-eye co-ordination.

Not surprisingly it was pretty distracting trying to tic and talk, at the same time as being pelted with crisps – it’s fair to say I’ve got a long way to go with my reflexes before I can make it to the Premiere League.

It’s great that Tim’s doing so well and getting the recognition he deserves, not for having Tourettes, but for being excellent in goal.

“How many fantasy football players does it take to erect an umbrella?”

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