Taking a Dive

Poppy and I went swimming last night. Poppy got out first to get my wheelchair. I followed her, pushing myself up onto the side, and I impressed myself with my skill at doing this – but it didn’t last. Just as I was congratulating myself on my gymnast-like grace I realised I was heading straight back into the water.

It was a tic that did it, sending me sideways and throwing me straight back in. Poppy found this hilarious – in fact she was laughing so much it took her a moment or two to come and fish me out.

She wasn’t the only one laughing either. I noticed another disabled woman who I see regularly at the pool giggling as well. I’m not really sure which she found funnier, my ungainly dive or Poppy’s relaxed approach to my care.

Whichever it was, both of us were certainly a lot more vigilant the second time I got out.

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